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Art.nr: 23416-16002
30% Rabatt
Vennligst velg

Myke ull/silke leggings fra Joha.

Materiale: 85% ull, 15% silke.






About Joha

Joha is one of the largest producers of wool and cotton underwear and sleepwear for babies and children in Scandinavia. The company was established in 1963. 

To this day Joha’s focus is exactly the same as it was 50 years ago: uncompromising quality, the finest wool, a great fit and great design. Joha was the first company to create wool underwear for children and has been leading the European market for the past 35 years. Johas wool is mulesing-free and Joha care that the animals are treated well. Environmentally responsible production methods are very important to joha and joha was one of the first Danish businesses approved to use the EU ECOLABEL.

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